What Are The Benefits Of Marketing And Advertising?

By | February 13, 2015

The benefits of marketing and advertising seem like they should be obvious, even to the casual bystander. But this is often not the case. Advertising is considered to be a dirty word by some and they hate to think that they are influenced in any way by advertising campaigns. The truth of the matter is that we are all influenced in one way or another.

Tourist areas such as Australia’s Gold Coast gain particular benefit from advertising and marketing campaigns. Without them, many Gold Coast businesses would not stay open for very long.
Those visiting the Gold Coast have often done a lot of research to find out what there is to do and see in the local area. Any business relying solely on word of mouth to advertise their product or service, is inviting disaster. If your advertisement isn’t in the places where potential tourists will look then you have no real chance of attracting them.

There is some confusion about what counts as advertising and what exactly is marketing.

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To help you understand the difference you should think of advertising as a part of a marketing campaign. Advertising is the one off item like a TV advertisement, a radio spot or the flyers delivered to your mail box twice a week. These are single pieces that stand alone if you want them to. Advertising is almost always paid for although you can occasionally receive some free advertising (say a two for one deal, or perhaps an extra day free when you run a newspaper advertisement for a certain number of days).

Many times when someone says they got free Gold Coast advertising they actually got free marketing!
Marketing is more about activities that bring a potential customer and a potential seller together. So things like PR (public relations), social media, competitions, market researching, customer service, logistics, community interactions etc all come under the umbrella of marketing. Even the way you price your product can be classed as a marketing activity (such as the example above where someone could receive an extra day free when they advertise a certain number of days.)

The Gold Coast benefits quite a bit from advertising and marketing performed by the Queensland Tourism Board. Huge advertisements are played around the world showing beautiful beaches, great shopping and hinterland areas to explore. Competitions are run for tourism ambassadors, free trips and free accommodation. Social media activities are constantly being updated to mention Brisbane and the Gold Coast as areas that are extremely desirable in Australia. Dinners, trade shows and other social events are run to market the area to tourists and tour operators alike.

If you want to see the real benefits of Marketing and Advertising just stroll down the beach in Surfers Paradise on a warm summer’s day!
Advertising gets the word out to your potential customers. It tells them any specials you are running at the current time. And it lets them understand your brand and what you are about. It can give the impression you are looking for. Is your business upmarket and expensive? Or down to earth and reasonably priced?

Marketing gets your advertising message to the right people. It announces to the world who you are and brings customers interested in your message right to your door. Facebook pages are marketed to those who might be the right fit for your company. People liking your page confirms that they want to hear your advertising message.
A tourist business on the Gold Coast may put out their own advertising campaign. They could run ads in their local paper, send printed flyers out to the customers in their own community and pay for radio spots in the time slots their customers listen to.

And with no marketing of their own they can still benefit from the marketing done to increase the profile of the Gold Coast area. When this marketing goes well, more people will visit the Gold Coast area. More people will buy products and services that will have a flow-on effect to other businesses even if they do not sell directly to tourists.

Some people may even decide to move to this tourist area – this increases the chances of selling products to them. This increase in visitors and residents is often as a direct result of the marketing done for a particular area. Generally tourism boards are not targeting their marketing message towards getting people to move to an area. There is an exception in the case of big business – they are always encouraged to move to these areas to increase their profits!

The flow-on effects of marketing are a big boom, especially in a tourist area. A smart business will structure their own advertising campaign to work in nicely with the marketing efforts of someone else. With a little bit of their own marketing they can help customers find them simply and easily.

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