How To Structure An ePamphlet For Best Results

By | March 11, 2015

Deciding to make your very first ePamphlet can be an exciting adventure for your company. It can be a dismal failure too if you do it wrong.   You want people to be interested in reading your pamphlet. You want them excited to see what you have to offer and you want them to take action (whatever action you desire) after reading your flyer.


Here are some things to keep in mind when deciding how to structure your ePamphlet:

    1. DO NOT blindly copy your corporate brochures to use as ePamphlets. Traditional printed brochures do not translate well into online copy. They tend to be more conservative in their approach, more factual and frankly boring. Pick up any company’s brochures and sit yourself down to read through them all end-to-end. Can you even make it to the end without a break? Most probably not. Printed brochures are meant to inform about a specific product or service. They generally are quite clinical in their approach and unless you have a great copywriter that you are brave enough to let loose on your company literature, yours will be the same.
    2. To avoid the pitfalls of point 1, you will need to think outside the box. Decide the information that you absolutely must get across to your audience and then choose how you will present that in a new, fresh way.
    3. Bullet points are great for digital pamphlets – summarise long passages of text into concise points that tell your reader all they need to know.   Online readers tend to skim through things. Make sure they get the important points from your flyer, before they lose interest and head off to the next great thing to read.
    4. Include lots of full colour photographs to break up the copy.
    5. Consider including video in your ePamphlet. You have this amazing tool at your disposal – why not use it to your advantage? You can introduce your company, make tutorials on how to use your product, show disaster stories of using inferior products etc. Whatever it takes to get and hold the attention of your readers.
    6. Make sure you have cool tools like realistic page turning, the ability to print and easy navigation between pages. There are several good online companies that can help you with your pamphlet production – many of these have templates set up where you can just add your information.
    7. Include relevant links in your ePamphlet. And make sure these go to a new window to open so your customer remembers what they were reading before they hit that new site! Links to your own business page are also very important.
    8. Remember to include your call to action. You’ve spent time and possibly money getting your electronic flyer together. Make sure your customer knows what they are meant to do next. Do they click on a link to buy the product? Should they go to your business page to sign up to your mailing list? Are they likely to benefit from joining your chatty facebook community? These are all actions that your customer could take – they are far more likely to do so if you tell them what to do.
    9. Make sure your ePamphlet is prominent on your website. Whilst you will most likely send it out to your email list, you want everyone surfing the web to be able to find it and read it. Make sure it has its own icon so people can easily find it and have a look. Even those on your email list may want to read it again at a later date. It can be frustrating trying to find something on a company website – make sure your ePamphlet stands out!

The above tips will help you to produce the most interesting ePamphlet possible. If you don’t write the copy yourself, get a great copywriter and give them free reign to make your pamphlet interesting. Sometimes in the quest to be business-like and make a good impression, businesses can lose the human factor. They forget that a real person is going to read their flyer. Don’t make that same mistake. Make your ePamphlets fun and interesting.

Imagine your business success if your customers eagerly await your next pamphlet and then madly share it with all of their friends?

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