What Are The Different Types Of Advertising For Businesses?

By | July 8, 2015

Advertising is a confusing topic if you are not used to it. There’s all types of ways to advertise a business on the Gold Coast and most of them will have different types of requirements such as lead times, artwork etc. It’s almost like some of the mediums have their own language!

We’ve tried to narrow down the list and give you some idea of what you can expect with each of the different types of business advertising that are out there! Here’s our list!

  • Television advertising. Everyone is familiar with the TV. Most of us watch it and we’ve all seen TV advertising. What you might not be aware of are some of the requirements to get an advertisement onto the television.
    • TV stations price their advertising spots based on the length of the advertisement and the time of day that it plays. The more viewers that are expected, the higher the fee will be. So the same advertisement shown in prime time on a Friday night will cost a lot more than if it is shown at 2am on a Tuesday.
    • Ad spots in huge television events cost more again.
    • There are several Gold Coast local stations that may have cheaper rates that the major stations in Brisbane.
    • TV advertisements aren’t imagined and made up overnight. A crew to shoot them, actors, make up, hair, location etc all have to be handled. If you want to advertise on television you need to plan well ahead.


  • Radio advertising. Many of the radio stations in Australia are owned by one or two companies and the Gold Coast is no exception. Again rates are based on the popularity of the particular timeslot you are seeking. Different times of day have different demographics so it’s worth getting all the information before you proceed. Radio advertising can be organised quicker than television advertising. Your local station will have the details you need.


  • Newspaper advertising. The main newspaper in the area is the Gold Coast Bulletin. There are plenty of local papers too that will cost less to advertise in. If you are a local business it is often worth advertising in these community papers as your audience will be more targeted to your area. Newspapers are printed all the time so lead times can be as short as just a few days for advertising space or longer for special editions and inserts that are normally planned around two months ahead.


  • Letterbox drops of flyers and brochures. Letterbox advertising is popular on the Gold Coast and often letterboxes are stuffed with up to 15 brochures at a time, especially in the popular period leading up to Christmas. Lead times are short to have flyers printed and businesses often offer a complete service of printing and delivering. You can keep your costs down by specifying post codes and number of houses you want to deliver to. Sometimes you can even specify particular streets in an area.   Mail outs of basic flyers can be quickly and easily organised. If you want to send a complicated, full colour, multipage brochure you’ll need to allow more time for this to be made up. Usually several weeks.


  • Billboards. Billboards are a popular choice. More and more are being built. Generally you hire the billboard for a period of time. One day, one week or one month etc. When the time period is over, another poster will replace your. Billboards suppliers will make up the signage as per your instructions to go on the billboards and organise installation. Lead times vary depending on what space is available.



  • Meter Maids. You can sponsor Gold Coast Meter Maids to wear your advertising message on their uniform. The meter maids are an institution in this tourist area and often get TV air time.


  • Yellow Pages. This business directory is a must if you are in business. The advertising deadline is quite a few months before you see the book delivered to your home. If you are thinking of advertising in the local copy of the directory you should contact the Yellow Pages as soon as possible so you don’t miss the deadline. The Yellow Pages have an artwork department who can get your copy ready for the directory – this can be a big help.


  • Tourist publications. Discount voucher books are regularly published on the Gold Coast. Contact details are listed in the books. You should contact them and find out the deadline for each edition. These books are generally published monthly so you have an ongoing opportunity to be included.


  • Trade shows. The Gold Coast has a new convention centre which regularly holds trade shows on almost every topic. Trade shows can generate a lot of sales for not a huge outlay and are well worth considering. Tourists and locals both attend. The deadline for trade shows is normally months in advance, especially if you want to choose the best space for your booth. Don’t leave it until the last minute, or you’ll be stuck up the back near the toilets!

trade show


  • Printed items. All of your printed business stationery is advertising for your company. From your letterhead to your business cards and your brochures, you should take care to make sure they are quality products that promote your brand at every turn.
  • Don’t forget about internet advertising. Starting your own website gives you a 24 hour advertising opportunity. You can pay for banners on other websites, pay for facebook advertising and dozens of other advertising avenues. You can target Google advertising specifically to Gold Coast users so that your advertising dollars are not wasted on people who are not even in Australia.

As you can see there are so many different ways to advertise your business that it can be very daunting. Take your time to investigate which advertising channels will get you the best return for your advertising dollar. Most businesses do not have an unlimited marketing budget and will need to make sure they choose the best avenues where they are most likely to find their Gold Coast customers. For printing services on the Gold Coast that have great pricing and quick turnarounds, choose City Print Design.