What is the difference between a Print Broker and a Printer?

By | April 30, 2015

What is a print broker and why do companies choose them over printers?

Print brokers help companies to co-ordinate their printing requirements by using a number of printers with differing skills and equipment. They also manage the process to ensure that printed material is available to specification, to budget and on time.

Isn’t that the same as using a printer?

No, it isn’t. A printer will have a specific set of skills and the equipment to match. Printers will try to persuade you to use their service rather than the services of another printer with the skill and equipment you actually need. Alternatively, they’ll outsource the work, but since they don’t know much about equipment they don’t work with, they won’t necessarily give you the best option.

Print brokers have relationships with many printing firms. They know their strengths and weaknesses and can ensure that a printing task is given to the best possible service provider. Because print brokers deal with a full spectrum of printers, they are better informed as to the processes involved and can give you better advice.

Surely it’s more expensive to use a broker!

Not necessarily. Because they will try to match your task to their equipment instead of using the right equipment to produce what you need, it can actually work out a lot more costly.

In addition, Print Brokers are eligible for trade discounts. That means that even after they’ve added a mark-up to cover the cost of their service, they’ll still offer prices that are as good or better than those you’d get by ordering direct from the printers.

You also save on time and effort. Your print broker will co-ordinate all the players: the people who prepare the artwork as well as the printers and will follow up for you to ensure that your material is ready on time.

If you use a printer, you deliver the artwork yourself. If there’s anything wrong with the art work, the printer can always say that you provided them with the wrong material in the first place and expect you to pay for unusable material. A broker, on the other hand, manages the whole process and will either arrange for artwork to be done on your behalf or check your artwork carefully to ensure that there are no issues.

Most businesses will approach a printer with high-profile shop-fronts and offices as well as sales representatives – these things cost money and aren’t necessary for printers who just print. Your broker will know who to approach and you’ll get a better price because they often choose printers you wouldn’t otherwise know about and who don’t have big overheads.

Do trade printers also do work for commercial printers?

They certainly do, although the commercial printer won’t tell you so. Print brokers hardly ever use commercial printers because their prices are not competitive and their equipment is limited.

Do corporates use print brokers?

Many of them do. It saves them time and money. A lot of small businesses also prefer to use brokers for the same reasons.

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