When Printed Pamphlets Are More Appropriate Than Online Pamphlets

By | September 22, 2015

There are many instances where a printed pamphlet will be more appropriate than its online cousin! The product you are marketing will have a large amount to do with the best choice for your business. You advertising budget and also the tech-saviness of your target audience all need to be taken into account when choosing one advertising method over another.

So how do you know when a printed pamphlet is the best choice? Check our list of pointers to help you decide:

  • Do you have a rock-solid email list to market to? If not where are you planning to distribute your ePamphlets? How will you get the advertising message to your customers?
  • Is your audience tech-savvy? If your target audience is 85 year old knitting experts you might be better investing in the printed version of your advertising materials. Sure some 85 year old knitters will be online, but the majority won’t be. At least for a few years yet!
  • Do you know how to create an effective ePamphlet? Will you create your own pamphlet or have a graphic designer or an ePamphlet company do it for you? If you plan to do it yourself will you have time to create the document and send it out before the item you are advertising is no longer ‘hot’? If you have no idea how to get started, you might be better using a printed service for now. Use the time saved to research ePamphlet providers while still keeping your business ticking over.
  • Do you know how much it costs to create an ePamphlet? You need to weigh up the cost of producing an electronic version and a printed version. If you are selling a low profit margin item, you’ll need to spend as little as possible on your business flyers to be able to continue turning a profit. Printed flyers and pamphlets are quite inexpensive when you break down the cost to a piece rate. ePamphlets obviously have no printing costs associated but you’ll need to pay someone to make them up and pay for advertising banners or facebook ads if your email list is not big enough.
  • Do you know how your customers want to read your advertising message? Some businesses have very traditional products and a similar customer base. If your customers absolutely do not want to use your online pamphlet you’ll have very little choice than to provide them with a printed version. Or spend a long time guiding them into using more online services. Do you have the time and staffing levels for this steep learning curve?
  • What type of message are you sending out? If you want to alert your local community that you’ll be running a free sausage sizzle at your business premises, then a traditional printed flyer on noticeboards and in mail boxes in your local area is probably the most appropriate advertising avenue. You wouldn’t expect to see that kind of flyer on the internet. Of course you can send a message to your email list but you don’t really need to go to a lot of trouble to get this message out. On the other hand if you are having a sale on high end diamond rings, it could be great to target this message online to only certain users.
  • Do you plan to offer some sort of bonus for presenting the flyer to your store/business? In many instances businesses run promotions with discounts or free gifts when a coupon or flyer is presented. If you plan to do this consider that it is much easier for someone to throw your printed flyer in their car and come to you to claim their gift. If the pamphlet is on the internet you’ve just added an extra step to your sales funnel by now requiring them to print it out. If they find your flyer on a mobile device it’s even more difficult for them to print it out and many people will just not bother.

Printed Leaflets

You can see from the above list that when you are deciding whether to go with printed flyers or have an ePamphlet made up for your business, you need to be very sure about what you are planning to promote.

You need to be prepared and take into account your audience, their likes and dislikes and you need to allow an appropriate amount of time to get your advertising items prepared. Deciding on Wednesday afternoon that you want to promote a sale next Monday could leave you unable to create your marketing message in time. Most businesses will already leave themselves sufficient lead time to run promotions so this shouldn’t be anything new.

In many cases a hybrid approach may be best for your business. Printed pamphlets as well as an online presence. When it seems like your company message is everywhere people will remember you. Getting eyes on your advertising message and your business brand will help people to remember your business name and hopefully make your company their first choice next time they are in the market for your products or services.

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